Meet The Farmers

John and Janet Butterfield moved to Chaptico in 1991 and started Hole In The Woods Farm.  Both being born and raised in  St. Mary’s County, John being raised in the 7th District and Janet in Charlotte Hall, they wanted to move to a quiet spot with lots of land to raise their family.  Beginning with a hand full of chickens and a few hogs they now have on average 50 head of cattle, hogs, and chickens, hay crops, and 3 farm locations within the county.  We have enjoyed starting the meat sales as it has given us the opportunity to meet new people and to provide a product we are proud of.

The Rest of The Family
Johnny and Janet cannot do it all by themselves, the rest of the family is strongly involved with the day to day operations of the farm.  Andrea and Charles Morris & Greg and Tiffenie Butterfield.  Could not do it without them!
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